Some courts have volunteer lawyers who help you with your case for that day only. 

What will a Lawyer for the Day do for me? 

Every Lawyer for the Day program is different. A program might: 

  • Give you basic legal advice and help with strategy 
  • Help you identify and fill out court forms 
  • Answer legal questions you may have about your case (i.e. evidence you will need) 
  • Discuss which legal options are best for you 
  • Assist you in determining your next steps and understanding court procedure as it applies to your case 
  • Make sure you understand and are aware of relevant laws, legal resources, and information 
  • Represent you in mediation or in front of the judge (not in Probate and Family Court). 

Am I eligible for Lawyer for the Day? 

Lawyer for the Day programs help people on any side of the case. Each program has its own rules. 

  • Some only serve people with low income. 
  • Some require you to make an appointment before you come to court. 

Am I guaranteed to get a lawyer when I come to court? 

There is no guarantee that you will get to meet with a lawyer. Lawyers are volunteering their time, and sometimes they might not be available on the day that the program is open. Check with your court to make sure the Lawyer for the Day program will be open on the day that you will be in court. 

What can I do to make best use of the Lawyer for the Day program? 

Be sure to: 

  1. Check with the court to make sure volunteer attorneys are scheduled to be at the courthouse on the date of your hearing (always call ahead) 
  2. Bring all your paperwork regarding your case 
  3. Arrive at the courthouse early to have enough time discuss your issues.