Pilot Programs

Learn about the important court programs that are currently being conducted on an experimental basis before expanding them to other departments and divisions throughout the Massachusetts Court System. Many of these pilot programs are designed to provide the public with better access to justice and to improve the delivery of services.  

As always, we welcome your comments and feedback about these initiatives.  Please contact the court or courts where these pilots are being conducted. Courthouses

Boston Municipal Court Pilots Initiative To Measure Access and Fairness

As part of the courts' commitment to accountability and continuous improvement, the Roxbury Division of the Boston Municipal Court Department volunteered to pilot a new assessment tool, a model survey for seeking court users' opinions. As a result of this successful effort in Roxbury, implementation will continue throughout the Boston Municipal Court divisions. Learn more

Appeals Court Docketing Statements Pilot Program

Continued until December 31, 2015

The Appeals Court requires that appellants and cross-appellants in all civil and criminal appeals (excluding incarcerated self-represented litigants) complete and file a docketing statement within fourteen days after the Appeals Court issues the "Notice of Entry" of the appeal. Learn more

Business Litigation Session of the Superior Court Implements Discover Pilot Project

Orders & Information Regarding the Pilot Project for Limited Representation

On August 1, 2006, the Supreme Judicial Court issued an order establishing a Limited Representation Pilot Project pdf format of limited-rep-order1.pdf
in the Probate and Family Court Department.

On June 28, 2007, the Court issued an amended order pdf format of limited-rep-order2.pdf
 expanding the pilot project to include the Norfolk Division in addition to the Suffolk and Hampden Divisions of the Probate and Family Court.

On March 27, 2008, the Court issued a second amended order pdf format of limited-rep-order3.pdf
, extending the duration of the project.

Additional information, including FAQs and forms are available on-line at the Probate and Family Court Self-Help Center.

Pilot Program - Requests for Modification of Child and/or Medical Support in the Bristol Division of the Probate and Family Court

Homeless Court

The Homeless Court is a specialty court in the Boston Municipal Court Department held at the Pine Street Inn and Lemuel Shattuck Hospital. Started in 2010 as a pilot program, the purpose of the court is to assist defendants who are homeless or at risk of being homeless secure permanent housing, employment and government benefits. Upon the completion of a substance addiction treatment program, job training program or mental health treatment, a defendant’s pending or open default warrants are removed in misdemeanor and non-violent felony cases. The cases are dismissed or terminated in consideration of the defendant’s work and efforts to address their behaviors and substance addictions that caused  the criminal conduct. Since 2012, the Homeless Court has served all Divisions within the Boston Municipal Court Department. 

The Homeless Court Pilot Program pdf format of The Homeless Court Pilot Program