The date and time for the next court hearing will be listed on the order. The name and location of the court that issued the order is listed at the top right hand corner of the order. During that hearing, the judge will listen to the evidence and decide if the order should continue to remain in effect, be amended in some way(s), or be terminated (ended). Both the plaintiff and the defendant have a right to be heard at the hearing and to present evidence that the judge finds is relevant. If you do not appear at the next scheduled court hearing, the order will expire at the end of that court day.

If the judge grants the order, it will be in effect for up to one year. The order will state how long it will last, and will tell you when you need to go back to court if you want to renew it.

If you want to renew the order, you will need to go back to court on the return/expiration date on the order, and ask for the order to be renewed or the order will expire.