How: Filing a notice of appeal in the Housing Court Clerk's Office.  In addition, for eviction cases you are ordinarily required to post a bond and make monthly payments.  You have a separate right of appeal from bond and periodic payment orders.

When: For eviction cases, you must file a notice of appeal within ten days of the entry of the judgment on the Housing Court's docket.  If you are appealing from a bond or periodic payment order, you must file the notice of appeal within 10 days of the entry of the order requiring the bond or within six days of receiving the order, whichever is later.  For other types of cases from the Housing Court, the notice of appeal must be filed within thirty days of entry of the judgment.

Where: For most cases, the appeal is to the Massachusetts Appeals Court. You must follow the Massachusetts Rules of Appellate Procedure. For appeals from orders concerning the bond or requiring periodic payments, the appeal is to a single justice of the Appeals Court. See the Appeals Court Help Center for information on the appeals process.