If you can’t reach an agreement with the business, you have two major options:

1. Mediation:  In this process, an outside person who is not on the side of you or the business will help you and the business reach a solution you both find acceptable.  Mediation is voluntary. Both you and the business must want to do this.  

a. You can apply for mediation through your local consumer group. This group is affiliated with the Attorney General’s Office.

2. Court:  You may also sue the business through the court system

a. If the claim is below $7,000, Small Claims Court is the least costly option.

b. Larger claims might be more suitable to the District or Superior Court

c. You may want to get legal advice if you are going to court. You can find information on hiring a lawyer.

The Court may find in your favor if the business never sent a settlement offer or sent you an unreasonable offer. You may recover your actual monetary loss or $25, whichever is larger.

The Court may also find that the business was "willful or knowing" in breaking the law, or that the business’ refusal to settle with you was deceptive. In either case, you may receive between two and three times the amount of your actual loss or $25, whichever is greater.