This page is designed to help you learn more about services available at the courthouse.

Interpreter Services 

If you are in need of an interpreter for your court proceeding you have a right to one.  For more information see our Interpreter Services page.

ADA Coordinators 

The Commonwealth's courts seek to provide appropriate aids and services to qualified persons with disabilities so they can participate equally in the services, programs, or activities of the Judiciary. -- Massachusetts ADA Accessibility Policy 

Visit our ADA accessibility page to access forms and search for ADA coordinators by county, department or courthouse. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution & Mediation 

In some instances you might be able to proceed through the court process without having to litigate your case.  The Trial Court offers a number of alternatives to litigation. See Alternative Dispute Resolution for more information. 

Law Libraries

There are fifteen Trial Court Law Libraries located across the state and open to the public. While the librarians cannot provide legal advice, they can help you find legal information.  Librarians can help you find and use websites and online databases, help you find forms, and help you find and check out books on your topic. Assistance is available in person, and also through online chat, email, and more. See Ask a Librarian for information on contacting a law librarian.

Help from Court Staff 

We are here to help you in any way that we can. However, we are allowed to help you only in certain ways, since we must be fair to everyone involved in your case. Learn more about what kind of information court staff are allowed to provide to you.