A criminal record is a list of criminal activities.  A criminal record is also called a CORI. This stands for “Criminal Offender Record Information.”

In Massachusetts, a criminal record includes a lot of information.  For example, your criminal record might include information about arrests for drunk driving and conflicts with your spouse. Your record may also include details about immigration problems. It does not matter if a judge dismissed your case. It also does not matter if you were found not guilty.  You might still have a record. Your record is permanent, with some exceptions.  

You have the right to see your criminal record.  You can fix mistakes on your record.  You can also get a record sealed, and find proof of a sentence.  You can do this at any time.  Other people, like employers or lenders, might be able to see your record. They have to follow strict rules if they want to see your record.  

Governing Law

Massachusetts has a general criminal records law. It is is called the Criminal Offender Record Information Act (CORI) and can be found at G.L. c.6, §§ 167-178B . To read the regulations that govern CORI, which provide all the details, see 803 CMR 2 pdf format of 803 CMR 2