You have the right to get a copy of your own CORI. There are two ways to do this:

You can mail in a form:

  • If you mail a form, you need to include a bank check or money order. Personal checks are not accepted. The amount is for $25. It should be made payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The form and check need to be mailed to:

Department of Criminal Justice Information Services: CORI Unit
200 Arlington Street,
2nd Floor, Suite 2200
Chelsea, MA 02150

If you can’t print the form, please call the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services. The phone number is 617-660-4600. You can ask them to mail you a blank form.

You must sign the form in front of a Notary Public. You can find a Notary Public in many places. This includes your local bank, town municipal buildings, etc. They might even be at a lawyer’s office. In Massachusetts, a Notary Public can’t charge more than $1.25 to notarize your document.

Or, you can request your adult criminal record online through iCORI
If you can’t afford the $25 fee, also fill out an Affidavit of Indigency pdf format of Affidavit of Indigency
file size 1MB . This is a fee waiver. It drops the $25 so that you do not have to pay it. To qualify for this fee waiver, you must:

  1. Get SSI, TAFDC, EAEDC, MassHealth or Massachusetts Veterans Benefits; or
  2. Have income no higher than 125% of the federal poverty guideline; or
  3. Be in a situation where paying the fee means that you won’t afford food, shelter, or other necessities.

No one, including your employer or your landlord, can ask you to get your own copy of your CORI for him or her.

You have a right to know who got copies of your CORI.