Generally, either the case is resolved or the case is prepared for trial. If you want to resolve the case, the process is the same as set out in the discussion about arraignment. If you want to go to trial and you do not have a lawyer, you must file a waiver of counsel form pdf format of Waiver of Counsel with Spanish Translation
. If you filed one at arraignment you do not need to file another. You will then speak to the prosecutor to try to resolve your case.

You, or your lawyer, and the prosecutor exchange information about the case. This is called "discovery". During the pre-trial conference either side can file or set a date for filing motions, including a motion to dismiss the complaint or to prevent certain evidence from being used at trial.

A Pre-Trial Conference Report pdf format of Pretrial Conference Report
must be signed by both sides, submitted to the judge, and signed by the judge.  

The next court date scheduled may be for motions or trial or both.