If both you and the defendant live in this state, but in different counties, you must file in the county where your case was originally heard.  For example, if you were in Norfolk County when support was first ordered, but you now live in Suffolk County, and the defendant in Plymouth County, you must file in Norfolk Probate and Family Court.

If the other party lives in a different state, the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act applies.  This act allows the parent who has custody to request or modify child support from a parent in another state without having to necessarily travel to that state. Ask court staff for more information if you are in this situation.

Filing fees

$50.00 For a Complaint for Modification (If filed by DOR, there is no fee) 
$ 5.00  For a Summons

See Paying Your Fees for more information on how to pay your fees and what to do if you feel you cannot afford them.