At the Disposition Hearing, the judge will determine what orders should be entered to help your child who requires assistance. The judge’s orders may include: 

  • Permitting the child to remain with you subject to any conditions and limitations the court may order, which may include arranging for medical, psychological, psychiatric, educational, occupational and social services, and for supervision by a court clinic or by any public or private organization providing counseling or guidance services; or 
  • Placing your child in the care of a relative or Department of Children and Families subject to any conditions and limitations the court may order. 

The first disposition order will last for 120 days. At the end of Disposition Review Hearing, the judge will review your child’s progress and either dismiss the case or extend the order for 90 days if the judge finds that the purposes of the order have not been accomplished and extension of the order would likely further those purposes. In total, the judge may extend the order three times. At that point, the case must be dismissed. The total period of the Disposition Order including all extensions is 390 days.