Who attends court hearings? 

Child requiring assistance cases are confidential and closed to the public. Parents, attorneys representing the parties (applicant, child, Department of Child and Families), the probation officer, a clerk to record the hearing, and the judge may all be present for the court hearing,. 

Will my child have an attorney? 

Yes. The judge will appoint an attorney to represent your child. This attorney will not be the same attorney who represents you. The attorney will speak to your child and represent your child at all hearings. 

Can I ask the judge to dismiss the case? 

Yes. You can ask the judge to dismiss the case by filing a Motion to Dismiss pdf format of CRA Motion to Dismiss (JV-091)
in the Clerk Magistrates Office in the court where your case is heard. 

What is the Department of Children and Families? 

The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families is the state’s child protection agency.