Form/Document NameForm NumberAlways RequiredRequired Only if……….
Petition for Appointment of Guardian of Minor pdf format of Petition for Appt of Guardian of Minor (MPC 140)
file size 1MBMPC 140× 
Notarized Waiver and Consent to Petition pdf format of Waiver and Consent Guardianship of Minor (MPC 440)
file size 1MBMPC 440 Parent or Parents agree(s) with appointment of guardian
Notarized and Verified Consent to Nomination by Minor pdf format of Consent or Nomination by Minor (MPC 441)
file size 1MBMPC 441 Minor is 14 years old or older
Affidavit Disclosing Care and Custody pdf format of Affidavit Disclosing Care and Custody (OCAJ-1 TRC IV)
Bond pdf format of Bond (MPC 801)
file size 1MBMPC 801× 
Military Affidavit pdf format of Military Affidavit (MPC 470)
MPC 470 If all parents and interested parties have NOT consented
Request for Counsel pdf format of Request for Counsel (MPC 301)
MPC 301 The minor or someone acting on their behalf wants to request counsel
Verified Motion for Appointment of Temporary Guardian pdf format of Motion for Temporary Gdn of Minor (MPC 340)
MCP 340 The proposed guardian needs court authority quickly.
Affidavit of Indigency pdf format of Affidavit of Indigency
file size 1MB  You cannot afford to pay for service or other costs related to the Petition to be appointed as Guardian