In an effort to help Office of Court Interpreter Services (OCIS) interpreters better understand the ethical standards of practice that govern the role of professional court interpreters in Massachusetts, they are expected to attend the ethics workshop offered periodically at different locations around the state. Prior to attending the workshop, OCIS interpreters must complete and submit a multiple choice exam tailored to measure their practical knowledge of the Code of Professional Conduct for Court Interpreters pdf format of Code of Professional Conduct for Court Interpreters
(Section 4.00 of the Standards and Procedures of the Office of Court Interpreter Services pdf format of Standards and Procedures for Court Interpreter Services
). OCIS will post information on this site with updates on workshop schedules and information on registering. The exam will also be available on this site, prior to the workshop being offered.

The workshop and the ethics exam are a mandatory requirement for all active OCIS screened and certified Interpreters , therefore interpreters who didn’t participate in the previous workshop/exam period must register when it becomes available next time around. Only interpreters on the list of OCIS interpreters are eligible to attend the workshop.

Mandatory Ethics Workshop - Detail
In offering this comprehensive training on the revised Code of Conduct, OCIS hopes to achieve a three-fold goal: that interpreters carefully review and understand the code’s contents; that they acquire insights into applying its standards effectively; and that OCIS and its interpreters collaborate in supporting the standards of practice.