G.L. c.270, s.16-16A

G.L. c.90, s.22G  

Fine or Other Penalty

May be Civil or Criminal.

Criminal calls for fines of up to $5,500 for the first offense and up to $15,000 for each subsequent offense, along with potential seizure of your car.

Where the officer decides to proceed civilly, the following fines apply:

  • $20 for the first, second and third offenses in a calendar year
  • $100 for fourth or subsequent offense in a calendar year

Also, under G.L. c.90, s.22G, your driver’s license may be suspended up to seven days.


Within 21 days, either appear before a clerk-magistrate of the District Court or Boston Municipal Court, “confess the offense” and pay the fine, or pay the fine by mail. 

What happens if I don’t pay?

The clerk will notify the officer concerned, who will make an application for a criminal complaint and follow the procedure established for criminal cases, and shall notify, if a motor vehicle is involved, the registrar of motor vehicles, or, if a motor boat is involved, the division of motor boats. If the court clerk grants the application for a criminal complaint after hearing, a complaint and summons for you to appear in court will issue.  If you fail to respond to the summons, the clerk will mail you notice that an arrest warrant will issue in 21 days.