The Fire Sense Program was developed by Norfolk District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey to protect our youth, their families and communities from dangerous fire-related behavior.  Fire Sense is a program to which courts, fire departments, police departments, schools, youth serving agencies and concerned family members can refer a juvenile for risk assessment, intervention and prevention education.  Fire Sense is endorsed by the Norfolk County Fire Chiefs Association.  A juvenile need not be court involved to participate in the Fire Sense Program.

To refer a juvenile to this eight week program, please submit the Referral Form located on this page.  Program Coordinator Justin Myers will then facilitate a risk assessment to determine the juvenile’s immediate need for services.  The curriculum is designed to educate participants on the risks of engaging in fire-involved conduct and foster safer decision making.

For more information please contact:

Justin F. Myers
Program Coordinator
P: 781.830.4892
F: 781.830.4801