Events- 2003

Massachusetts leads the nation with the
launch of the "Missing" Internet Safety Computer Program

November 6, 2003

District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz was invited to Washington D.C. on October 1, 2003
to receive recognition for his work with the "Missing" Internet Safety Program.

District Attorney Cruz was applauded for his community-wide strategy to provide a united front against on-line predators.

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) Foundation, joined by leading members of Congress announced at a press conference on Capitol Hill, a major grant given to Web Wise Kids to distribute this unique Internet safety computer game to schools across the United States.

Massachusetts was chosen as one of three recipients due to District Attorney Cruz´s success with the implementation of the program in Plymouth County.

The Massachusetts Launch was held on November 6, 2003, at the Hewlett Packard Company in Cambridge.

Drew Ann Wake of Live Wires Design Ltd., the Developer of the Program, applauded District Attorney Cruz´s impressive grassroots network to protect children.

Drew Ann Wake of Live Wires Design, LTD.

In her address, Wake stated, "District Attorney Tim Cruz is the first in the United States to train teachers and police officers together to effectively deliver this valuable program.  He has established a solid foundation for a statewide network, which will serve as the national model for the United States of America."

District Attorney Tim Cruz receives the ESA Foundation´s gift
of The Missing Game, The Mirror Image Game and The AirDogs Game
for all Middle schools across Massachusetts

Norfolk District Attorney William Keating and Middlesex District Attorney Martha Coakley joined Plymouth District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz at the Massachusetts Launch of the "Missing" Program

District Attorney Tim Cruz is awarded
free Internet Safety Software for Middle Schools across Massachusetts

October 1, 2003

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) Foundation announced a major grant to Web Wise Kids to distribute a unique and highly effective Internet Safety computer game to schools across the United States at a press conference held on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, October 1, 2003.

The computer game,"Missing", has already led to the apprehension of three child predators and has been embraced by law enforcement as a valuable tool in the fight against predators.

Web Wise Kids, a non-profit group, was formed in 1998 after the founder´s own sister was the victim of an online predator.   Web Wise Kids have been chosen to distribute the"Missing" kit, which was developed by Live Wires Design, LTD.

Massachusetts was designated as one of the recipients of three statewide expansion awards, due to the success of the Plymouth County Pilot.

Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz presents
forfeited monies to Marion Police Department

April 17, 2003

Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz presented Marion Police Chief Lincoln W. Miller with a check for $79,590.73 at the Sippican Elementary School.  District Attorney Cruz and Chief Miller were both at the school attending a D.A.R.E. Graduation for the fifth grade students.

The check represents the Marion Police Department´s portion of the proceeds from the auction of a forfeited drug house at 20 Green Street in the Town of Marion.  The District Attorney´s Office initially moved to seize the Green Street property back in 1993 as part of an investigation of a major drug trafficking ring operating out of the house.  The property was auctioned on February 15, 2003.

Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz
supports Senate Bill #1005

April 10, 2003

Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz testified before the Joint Judiciary Committee in hearing room B-1 of the State House in support of Senate Bill #1005.   Andrea Casanova, the mother of murder victim Alexandra Zapp, also testified in support of Senate Bill #1005.

Senate Bill #1005 is an amendment to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 123A relative to the commitment of Sexually Dangerous Persons.  It was proposed by District Attorney Cruz last July following the brutal murder of Alexandra Zapp on July 18, 2002.  The proposed legislation was sponsored by Senator Robert S. Creedon, Jr. (D-Brockton), Senator Marc Pacheco (D-Taunton), Senator Brian Joyce (D-Milton), Senator Marion Walsh (D-West Roxbury), and Representative David Flynn (D-Bridgewater), and was initially filed during informal session.  Senator Creedon re-filed the proposed legislation during the current legislative session.

"It is clear that the current law relative to the commitment of sexually dangerous persons is completely inadequate to protect the public.  Loopholes in the existing law allow the most violent sexual predators to be released into the community.  Senate Bill #1005 will better protect the public by closing existing loopholes in the law and keeping dangerous sexual predators off our streets.  We need to pass Senate Bill #1005 now – before another innocent victim is harmed by a sexual predator" stated District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz.

District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz and Mayor John T. Yunits
Launch Community Youth Initiative

March 13, 2003

District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz and Mayor John T. Yunits were joined by state, local and national youth officials, to launch a "Brockton´s Promise" Youth Initiative at the Shaw´s Conference Center in Brockton.

"Brockton is a safer place when all sectors of the community work together," said District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz.  "We’ll do our job on the law enforcement front, but to do our job most effectively we need to partner with parents, faith based organizations, community organizations, and businesses.  It´s going to be a long, hot summer.   We need to start now to ensure that every child in Brockton is connected to adults and organizations who care."

"The challenges we face today, especially the challenges faced by our young people, are enormous.  But Brockton has never been a city to back down from a challenge," said Yunits.
"The Brockton´s Promise Initiative that we are launching today is a community wide call to action.  We need your help to support the healthy development of our youth."

Several community organizations, the Old Colony United Way and Metro South Chamber of Commerce, have pledged their support.  The Brockton Blueprint Coalition also supports the initiative.

The District Attorney and The Mayor announced a series of community forums that will be held over the next several weeks to:

  • provide an open, comfortable event for community professionals and residents to become oriented to America´s Promise and Brockton´s Promise

  • provide residents and community members the opportunity to become more involved

The Brockton´s Promise Initiative is based on the national America´s Promise youth initiative spearheaded by Secretary of State Colin Powell.   America´s Promise is committed to ensuring all youth have:
  1. Ongoing relationships with caring adults - parents, mentors, tutors or coaches
  2. Safe places with structured activities during non-school hours
  3. Optimal physical and mental health
  4. Marketable skills through effective education
  5. Opportunities to give back through community service

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