Events- 2004

The Plymouth County District Attorney´s Office announces
the award of a $5000.00 grant to the Plymouth Boy´s and Girls Club

December 2, 2004

District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz announced the award of a $5000.00 grant to the Plymouth Boys and Girls Club.  This funding comes from the Executive Office of Public Safety grant entitled the "Juvenile Accountability Block Grant".

The Boys and Girls Club of Plymouth has been instrumental in working with the Plymouth County District Attorney´s highly successful Juvenile Diversion Program.   The Diversion program has worked with over 12,000 youth since it´s inception in 1976.  The program allows first time offenders in the Juvenile courts to avoid prosecution of minor offenses, and to thereby avoid having a juvenile record.  The program´s requirements are based on a Restorative Justice Model, where each juvenile is required to complete on average 25 hours of community services as well restitution, counseling, and letters of apology where appropriate.

For the past twenty years the Plymouth County Boys and Girls Club has acted as a supervised community service site for these first time juvenile offenders who are enrolled in the Juvenile Diversion Program.  The Boys and Girls Club, with their professional staff, monitors the juvenile´s progress and keeps track of their assigned hours.

The Plymouth Boys and Girls Club, with its brand new facility, attracts over 1200 members, all of whom benefit from the many programs and services the club has to offer.   The Plymouth Boys and Girls Club is a safe haven where the diversion referrals can fulfill their mandatory community service obligation, all the while being exposed to the positive youth development programs that are available.  Many, after having finished their community service hours, voluntarily joined as general members.

District Attorney Tim Cruz stated, "This office is grateful for the continued support of The Plymouth Boys and Girls Club, and looks forward to future endeavors that strive to better the lives of the youth in Plymouth and its surrounding towns".

District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz is honored by
The ALLY Foundation

August, 2004

The ALLY Foundation was established in memory of Alexandra Zapp, who was murdered by a convicted sex offender at a Bridgewater rest stop in 2002.   The mission of the foundation is to prevent opportunities for violent sex offenses, to educate the public, and advocate for necessary changes in culture, attitude and legal policy.

pictured from left to right:
Andrea Casanova, mother of Alexandra Nicole Zapp;
Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey and District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz

District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz was awarded the second annual Ally Award for his work in protecting the public from sexual predators.  District Attorney Cruz successfully lobbied to broaden the law that keeps sexually dangerous offenders locked up after they complete their sentences.

Plymouth County Drug and Alcohol Resistance Education
Summer Program

August 1-6, 2004
Whitman-Hanson Regional High School

July 26-30, 2004
Hingham Middle School

The Plymouth County Drug and Alcohol Resistance Education Summer Program is a collaborative effort between District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz and the Plymouth County Drug Education Officers.

The program is a one-of-a-kind experience that blends cultural diversity, education, and fun.  The program is offered free of charge.   Students spend each week learning skills to resist alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, and violence.

The students are surrounded by positive role models who are committed to making the experience as rewarding as possible.  Over 500 children benefited from our program this year.

Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz
is honored by the Massachusetts State Police

July 7, 2004

Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz was honored on July 7, 2004 by the Massachusetts State Police during a ceremony at the State Police Academy in New Braintree.

At the ceremony, ten K-9 Teams from the Massachusetts State Police and other local police departments graduated from the Massachusetts State Police Academy.   District Attorney Cruz donated seized money for the purchase of two of these K-9 dogs.  The teams consisted of a handler and a K-9 from each department.   All the departments participated in a six week narcotics detection course held in the Fall.  The teams also participated in a 10-14 week patrol course.

Following the ceremony, there was a static display featuring operational and training displays along with support vehicles.  The teams also participated in a live active exercise involving the State Police helicopter.

District Attorney Cruz spoke at the ceremony and was presented with an award by State Police Colonel Tom Robbins in appreciation for his donation and his commitment to the K-9 Program.

Outstanding Local Prosecutor´s Office,
2004 Project Safe Neighborhoods Achievement Awards,
United States Department of Justice

June, 2004

District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz accepted an award from U. S. Attorney John Ashcroft recognizing the Plymouth County District Attorney´s Office as the outstanding local prosecutor´s office in the nation.  The national award was given in recognition of distinguished service and commitment to the Project Safe Neighborhoods program.

Project Safe Neighborhoods is President Bush´s nationwide comprehensive initiative to combat gun crime in America by providing locally-based programs with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

District Attorney Tim Cruz and Brockton´s Weed and Seed
sponsored a Landlord Training Seminar at Massasoit Conference Center

June 10, 2004

District Attorney Tim Cruz sponsored a landlord training seminar at the Massasoit Conference Center in Brockton.   Supported in part by Brockton Weed and Seed, Brockton Police Department, Brockton Housing Authority, South Shore Housing and Metro South Property Owners Association, the training featured a variety of speakers who educated local property owners on their rights and responsibilities with a special emphasis on controlling illegal activity on rental property.

Issues addressed were drug use, maintaining habitability standards, and bridging the gap between landlords and law enforcement.  Speakers included representatives from the District Attorney´s Office, Brockton Police Department, Brockton Fire Department, Metro South Property Owner´s Association, and Brockton Housing Authority.

District Attorney Cruz stated "Landlords can play an important role in reducing crime in our neighborhoods.  The most effective way to deal with drug activity on rental property is through a coordinated effort of police, landlords and neighbors.  We hope that through this training we can build a relationship with landlords that will help keep this community safe".

The training was open to anyone interested; free of charge.  The event also included a question and answer period with the selected speakers.

Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz and the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Partnership host a Safe School Conference
for area educators and law enforcement

May 25, 2004

Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz and the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Partnership at Bridgewater State College hosted the United States Secret Service´s National Threat Assessment Center for an interactive and educational conference on the Safe School Initiative.  The Safe School Initiative was developed and implemented as a partnership with the U.S. Department of Education and the Safe and Drug Free Schools Program.

The goal of the Safe School Initiative is to provide accurate and useful information to school administrators, educators, law enforcement professionals and others who have protective and safety responsibilities in schools, in order to help prevent incidents of targeted violence in school.  Targeted violence is a term developed by the Secret Service to refer to any incident of violence where a known attacker selects a particular target prior to their violent attack.  The target may be an identified person, such as a particular classmate or teacher, or it could be a building, such as the school itself.

Distinguished speakers included Robert Fein, a forensic psychologist and a founder and director of the National Violence Prevention and Study Center; David Swink, an internationally known trainer and consultant in the fields of conflict resolution and violence prevention; Arthur Kelly, former Chief of the New Bedford Police Department; and Georgeann C. Rooney, a Threat Assessment Specialist with the U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center.

The conference was held at Bridgewater State College in the Moakley Center.

District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz is honored
by the Brockton Housing Authority

February, 2004

District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz received the Brockton Housing Authority´s Community Service Award for 2003.  In recognition of his exemplary service to the citizens of Plymouth County and in appreciation for the continuous commitment to the safety and education of all our children.

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