Events 2008

Working Together
to Help Traumatized Children Succeed in School

October 17th and October 22nd, 2008

The conference invited professionals throughout Southeastern Massachusetts to discuss joining together - across agencies, areas of focus, and disciplines, to ensure that all of our children are successful at school.

District Attorney Tim Cruz

Studies demonstrate that more children than we may realize are coming to school after exposure to a host of overwhelming experiences; from violence in the home and on the streets to abuse, neglect, and homelessness.

If not addressed, trauma from these experiences can have a negative impact on children that can result in problems at school and in the community.   A collaborative, community-wide response can ensure that all children will be able to stay in school and achieve at their highest levels.

A copy of the report, Helping Traumatized Children Learn, was distributed to each conference participant.

Brockton TRIAD partners with Project Lifesaver

September 15, 2008

District Attorney Tim Cruz

Project Lifesaver is the worlds most reliable program for locating missing persons, providing safety through a proven, rapid response system with the most practical, affordable and successful solution for bringing loved ones home and peace of mind to the care givers. (1)

Officer Tom Donohue, Brockton Police Department demonstrates
the project lifesaver equipment

"When caregivers notify the local Project Lifesaver agency that the person is missing, a search and rescue team responds to the wanderer´s area and starts searching with the mobile locater tracking system."(1)

"Search times have been reduced from hours and days to minutes.   In over 1500 searches, there have been no reported serious injuries or deaths.   Recovery times average less than 30 minutes."(1)

(1) Information about project lifesaver is taken directly from the project lifesaver website.

Plympton Carver Regional TRIAD-Health & Safety Fair

September 10, 2008

District Attorney Tim Cruz

District Attorney Tim Cruz

This year´s fair attracted over 40 vendors who offered services and advice to the seniors of Plympton and Carver.

Ray Scott, Plympton Police Chief Matt Clancy, Plympton Officer Steve Teri

The Plymouth County District Attorney´s Office, The Plymouth County Sheriff´s Department, The Plympton Police Department, The Carver Police Department, The American Red Cross, Jordan Hospital, CVS pharmacy, and Island Terrace Nursing Home of Lakeville were all on hand to offer information to the Seniors in attendance.

Carol Schneider and Liisa Budge-Johnson of the Plymouth County Sheriff´s Department

Representatives from AAA, local senior care facilities, local hospice providers, South Shore Community Action Council,Carver and Plympton EMS also attended.

This year´s fair serviced over 75 Seniors from both communities.

The Plymouth County Children´s Advocacy Center
Charity Open

August 18, 2008

pictured from left to right:
Worcester District Attorney Joe Early,   Plymouth District Attorney Tim Cruz,
Boston Bruins Legend, Bobby Orr,   Cape & Islands District Attorney Mike O'Keefe,
Essex District Attorney Jon Blodgett

The 136 golfers were joined by Boston Bruins Legend, Bobby Orr, who was a guest of Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz.

pictured from left to right:
District Attorney Tim Cruz, Bobby Orr and Tony Simonelli, of BAMSI

The CAC is a public/private partnership between the Plymouth County District Attorney´s Office and BAMSI.  The center is dedicated to providing a multi disciplinary approach to child abuse.   It provides services for victims of child abuse and their families.

Plymouth County Drug and Alcohol Resistance Education
Summer Program

The fourteenth annual Summer Program
sponsored by District Attorney Tim Cruz
took place during the first two weeks in August.

staff members Jeff Kessler and Andrew Carney

The Plymouth County Drug and Alcohol Resistance Education Summer Program is a collaborative effort between District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz and the Plymouth County Drug Education Officers.

East Bridgewater D.A.R.E. Officer Janice Cunningham and Peer Leader Ryan Mullin

The program is a one-of-a-kind experience that blends cultural diversity, education, and fun.   The program is offered free of charge.   Students spend the week learning skills to resist alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, and violence.

They are surrounded by positive role models who are committed to making the experience as rewarding as possible.   Over 500 children benefited from our program this year.

This year´s program is dedicated in memory of Officer Gerald Mont of the Whitman Police Department.

Officer Gerry Mont

Gerry, a former D.A.R.E. Officer, passed away suddenly last January.   He was a 17 year veteran on the department, and was a member of our program.

The Establishment of the Hanover TRIAD

March 27, 2008

District Attorney Tim Cruz congratulates the Senior Citizens of Hanover
on the establishment of TRIAD in their community.

Senior Citizens comprise the most rapidly growing segment of our population.   One in eight Americans is already 65 or older.

This statistic represents more than 33.6 million seniors.   With increased life expectancy, new issues for the criminal justice system and increasing demands for supportive and protective services have arisen.

Chief Paul Hayes of the Hanover Police Department
served as Master of Ceremonies

TRIAD is a nationally recognized program in which Law Enforcement, Senior Citizens,Supportive and Protective Services all work together to unify and implement services that are currently available to seniors in their community.

The Formal Signing of the Plymouth County TRIAD Cooperative Agreement


Major Polls indicate that crime and the fear of crime impact severely on older Americans.  Recognizing the challenging situation presented by a rapidly increasing number of older persons in the county, it is necessary to identify and offer ways of dealing more effectively with many of the problems faced by older citizens.

Because of the aging of the population and the increasing demands being placed on law enforcement and support agencies to meet the needs of the older citizens, it is important that the county´s leading agencies devote special attention to the needs of senior citizens.

Statement of Agreement

In light of the above, Sheriff Joseph D. McDonald, Jr., District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz, Chief Paul R. Hayes, Chief Kenneth Blanchard, Selectman Chairman David G. Flynn, and Director Robyn Mitton are determined to effect change.   These agencies and organizations agree that the nation´s older population has special needs with respect to victimization and fear of crime, perceived and actual loss, and the sense of being alone and unprotected.   We agree that these needs can and should be met by safety and law enforcement agencies and the county´s premier organization(s) of older citizens, working together at all levels of free societies.

We hereby commit to work together to enhance the quality of life of older persons.  Our purpose is to heighten awareness among law enforcement practitioners of older persons´ need for dignity and security and to focus our efforts on reducing criminal victimization through cooperative strategies, planning and programming.   This initiative is designed to mobilize community resources to continually ascertain the needs and concerns of older citizens and to provide mechanisms for meeting those identified needs.

The sharing of resources is the first step in achieving an effective means of identifying available programs.  This process will involve law enforcement practitioners as well as citizens of all ages in the development, implementation and evaluation of acceptable solutions.   Together, we will strive for a renewed sense of responsibility for the security and well being of older citizens through public awareness,training and the provision of criminal justice services.

Therefore, by agreement, the TRIAD will initiate the appropriate actions to achieve these objectives.

Accepted this day, the twenty-seventh of March, in the year 2008

Coaching Boys Into Men

March 6, 2008

District Attorney Timothy Cruz

The conference focused around the nationally recognized curriculum designed by the Family Violence Prevention Fund that encourages sports coaches to educate young athletes to treat women and girls with respect, and to relay the message that violence against women is never a solution or sign of strength.

pictured from left to right:
Craig Norberg-Bohm, Coordinator of the Men´s Initiative for Jane Doe
Timothy Cruz, District Attorney
M.L. Carr, former Boston Celtic
Juan Carlos Arean, Program Manager of the Family Violence Prevention Fund
Joseph McDonald, Sheriff

The keynote speaker was former Boston Celtic, M.L. Carr, who was a co-author of the curriculum along with Joe Torre and Pete Carroll.   M.L. Carr shared his personal story regarding domestic violence and encouraged coaches to be role models for their athletes in an effort to end domestic violence.

Other speakers included Plymouth County Sheriff Joseph McDonald,who asked the audience to teach their athletes to treat others the way they would want to be treated or the way they wanted others to treat their mothers, sisters and daughters.

Juan Carlos Arean, program manager of the Family Violence Prevention Fund, gave the coaches specific examples out of the "playbook" on teachable moments that they could use with their players and specific examples of how to implement the "playbook".

Craig Norberg-Bohm, coordinator of the Men´s Initiative for Jane Doe led the attendees in taking the White Ribbon Pledge to "Never commit, condone or remain silent on violence against women."

Approximately 100 coaches from Plymouth County and the surrounding area attended the conference and received information and resources on how to implement the program into their coaching playbooks.  Staff from the three area advocacy agencies partnered in this conference and attendees received information from Womansplace Crisis Center, South Shore Women´s Resource Center and Brockton Family and Community Resources.

Plymouth County District Attorney´s Office
166 Main Street
Brockton, MA 02301