The Adult Diversion Program

The District Attorney has discretion as to whether or not certain cases
will be prosecuted.   In 2003 District Attorney Timothy Cruz implemented
the Adult Diversion program.   The program is designed to respond to
the widespread concern of underage alcohol abuse.   It is offered primarily
to adult first time offenders ( ages 17-21 ) who have been arrested
or summonsed into court for minor alcohol related offenses.

The offender must appear in court, yet is never formally arraigned before a judge or a clerk magistrate.  He or she must agree to sign a contract with the Plymouth County District Attorney´s Office.  This contract requires the individual to participate in a drug/alcohol educational program which consists of four consecutive classes.  In addition, the individual is required to perform community service in his/her hometown or city.

The District Attorney´s Office Diversion Officer monitors the contractual plan and reports the progress to the Assistant District Attorney assigned to the case.

Successful completion of a typical 90 day obligation results in the entry of a nolle prosequi (dismissal by the prosecution) in the court case prior to any formal arraignment, thus saving the offender a criminal record and any further obligation to the court or to the Plymouth County District Attorney´s Office.

Failure to comply will result in the individual facing prosecution
within the traditional trial process.

Plymouth County District Attorney´s Office
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