Juvenile Court / Youthful Offenders

The District Attorney appears on behalf of the Commonwealth
in juvenile proceedings involving a child between the ages of
seven and seventeen who has been accused of a violation of law.

All juvenile matters are heard before the Juvenile Court, except cases involving a juvenile between the ages of fourteen and seventeen charged with murder which are heard in the Superior Court.

All juvenile court proceedings are closed to the public.

Some juveniles are indicted as Youthful Offenders.

Youthful Offender cases are those involving a juvenile between the ages of fourteen and seventeen, who is charged by way of an indictment, with a felony, and:

(1) has previously been committed to the department of youth services, or
(2) has committed an offense which involves the infliction or threat of serious bodily harm,or
(3) has committed an enumerated firearms offense

Youthful Offender cases are heard in the Juvenile Court
but the proceedings are open to the public.


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