Superior Court

There is one Superior Court in Plymouth County which hears criminal cases.
It is located at 72 Belmont Street, in Brockton, MA.

A case begins in the Superior Court after a Grand Jury returns an indictment charging a defendant with a crime.

The District Attorney´s Office prosecutes almost all of the cases which are brought in the Superior Court.   Trials in the Superior Court can be before a judge or a twelve person jury.

A defendant is entitled to a jury trial but can decide to waive the jury and have a judge decide the case.  The only exception is first degree murder cases which must be tried by a jury.

After a conviction a Superior Court Judge can sentence a defendant to State Prison or the House of Correction for any period of time up to life, depending on the crime for which the defendant is convicted.


Plymouth County District Attorney´s Office
166 Main Street
Brockton, MA 02301