File of Life Program

The File of Life program is available free of charge
to residents of Plymouth County.

What is the "File of Life ®" ?

The "File of Life®" is a miniature medical history that is kept in a red plastic sleeve with a magnetic strip.   Once the history card is filled out, it is placed back in the sleeve.   The magnetic sleeve is then placed on the outside of the refrigerator in a visible place.

A smaller version is also filled out and placed either in your wallet, purse or the glove compartment of your vehicle.   A specially designed decal is then placed on the inside left corner of the rear windshield to indicate the "File of Life®" is available in the glove compartment.

The "File of Life®" details a person´s name, emergency medical contacts and insurance policy information.   It details current health problems, current medications and dosages.  

It lists allergies, recent surgeries, your doctor´s name and phone number, your health care proxy information and your religious affiliation.

Who will utilize the "File of Life ®"?

In the event of an emergency the "File of Life ®" will be utilized by:

  • Police Officers
  • Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Fire Fighters
  • Hospital Emergency Staff

What are the benefits of the "File of Life ®?"

The "File of Life ®" enables emergency personnel to obtain a quick medical history when a patient is unable to give one.

The complete "File of Life ®" sleeve, is taken off the refrigerator, out of the wallet or vehicle and will accompany the patient to the hospital.   Emergency room staff will have a quick medical history at their fingertips.

This valuable information enables a quicker medical response time.

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