Personal Protection

  • Never talk, or open your door to a stranger

  • You should never give out any personal information about yourself or your family
    to anyone, or to any business that you are not familiar with

  • Know who is on the other side of your door prior to opening it

  • Make sure your door has a peephole.   It is a safe way to see who is at your door

Fraudulent telephone solicitations

Beware of any postcard or voice message promising cash and prizes.

  • Most will require you to call an "800" or "900" number

  • In order to collect the reward, the caller is required
    to leave their credit card number to "verify their identity"

  • Giving out your credit card number is the perfect opportunity for a thief
    to gain access to your credit card account

  • Beware, you could also be charged for the call on your next phone bill

Too good to be true

If something sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Take the time to stop and check out the validity of an offer prior to accepting it.
This might save you some time, money and most of all, aggravation!


Never make a donation to an unknown charity.

Ask for their telephone number so you can call them back.
If a caller is uncooperative in answering your questions, simply hang up the phone!

Safety Tips while away from home

  • Notify the police if you are going away from your home for
    an extended period of time

  • Install timers that will turn on and off some inside and outside lights,
    and your television at irregular intervals

  • Ask a neighbor to check on your property while you are away
    You may even want to ask a neighbor to park their car in your driveway

  • Never leave messages on your door for anyone, this is a clear
    indication that you are not home

  • Never allow newspapers, trash or the mail to pile up

  • Be sure to notify your newspaper carrier and the post office to hold
    your delivery until you return

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