Internet Safety Tips for Children


Establish safety rules before going online.

  • Decide the time of day that you can be online

  • Set a length of time you can be online

  • Determine which sites you are allowed to visit

  • Never download a program to your computer without your parents permission, including music and games

  • Some music and game sites can remotely change security settings on your computer without your knowledge

  • Never fill out a survey or guest book without your parents permission.

    Some of these programs have things attached to them, such as viruses, or trojans, that can damage your computer, or access your parents personal files that are stored on your computer.

  • Tell your parents if something you come across online makes you feel uncomfortable
    If something like this does happen and your parents are not available, then
    LOG OFF   the Internet and talk with your parents about it later.


Protect your password.

Passwords are intended to protect your computer files.  Don´t give your password to anyone.  It´s like giving a stranger the keys to your house.

Never give out personal information over the internet.

This includes:

  • Your address
  • Your telephone number
  • Your parent´s work address
  • Credit card numbers
  • The name of your school

If someone asks you for any of these, tell them
that you are not allowed to give out that information.

If they keep asking...
leave the site, or log off the Internet, and tell your parents!

Always trust your instincts...   if you don´t feel
comfortable giving out information... then don´t!


The internet contains a wealth of information,
when used safely, it proves to be a valuable resource.

  • Do use the Internet to assist you with your homework
  • Do use the Internet to keep in touch with friends that you know in real life
  • Do use the Internet to learn more about universities and colleges that you
    may be interested in attending


  • Never, ever, agree to get together with someone you "meet" online.
  • Never give out your personal information, including your age!
  • Never send pictures of yourself, your friends, your family or any other personal material to a friend you meet online
  • Never give your e-mail address to anyone on the Internet without first asking permission of your parents


  • Of someone offering you something for nothing!
  • Of pagejacking to adult only websites!   If you find yourself in one,  leave immediately and tell your parents!

  • That people online may not be who they seem!  Because you can´t see or hear a person who is online, it´s easy for them to pretend they are someone they are not!

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