Unsolved Homicides

The State Police Detective Unit
assigned to the Plymouth County District Attorney´s Office
continually investigates all unsolved homicides.

Unsolved Homicide cases remain a priority for our office.   We have undertaken the review of every unsolved homicide that has occurred in Plymouth County since 1975.

This was a daunting task for investigators and prosecutors.   It involved the review of almost 100 cases.   Most of these cases are decades old, the witnesses may be deceased and the paper trail,
if any, is thin.   These old homicides are sometimes referred to as "cold cases".

In our office, however, we have not forgotten these cases, we have not forgotten these victims, and we have not forgotten that there are killers who have not had their day in court.

With the help of scientific advances, investigative police work, and the assistance of the public we are working hard to solve these horrible crimes.

If anyone has information on an unsolved homicide
they should contact the State Police at: (508) 923-4205

Plymouth County District Attorney´s Office
166 Main Street
Brockton, MA 02301