All winegrowers, farmer-brewers and wholesalers of alcohol beverages licensed by Massachusetts must file monthly excise tax returns for all sales of alcohol beverages on or before the 20th of each month. All suppliers or importers who ship alcohol beverages into Massachusetts, including direct shipments, must also file returns with the state on or before the 20th of each month.   

File Return               

Online Filing Available for Alcoholic Beverages Excise Taxpayers

The benefits of this system include:

  • Automatic calculations
  • Import schedule information from your Excel records
  • Highlights common errors and mistakes before return is submitted
  • Online payment options and confirmations 
  • Schedule payments
  • Send secure e-messages for information or help with account
  • Access account information, including tax bills, returns, and notices, 24 hours a day

Alcoholic Beverage Excise Activity With MassTaxConnect

The Department of Revenue’s online tax portal, MassTaxConnect, has been rolled out to Alcoholic Beverage Excise taxpayers and they have been busy making the success of the system possible.

MassTaxConnect, which is set to be fully launched by 2017, is DOR’s way of offering cutting edge technology to taxpayers. Last November, a small group of taxpayers that included Alcoholic Beverage Excise, were a part of the first roll-out of MassTaxConnect. Since, taxpayers have been using the portal monthly and have given the new system great reviews.

“I’m Liking MTC. All of the attributes are fine. I am still new to the system, but as time goes by I know I will get better. The ease of usage is really a selling point for me because now I don’t have to write out all that paperwork or mail in anything.” Pokye Casserly – Alcoholic Beverage Excise Taxpayer.

In fact, 84% of In-State Alcoholic Beverage Excise taxpayers file electronically now and we believe that will continue to increase.