The Multistate Audit Bureau conducts both corporate excise tax and sales and use tax audits of large multinational and multistate corporations located outside of New England. Approximately half of the Bureau's staff operates out of 2 DOR offices located in Chicago and New York. Remaining staff are assigned as teleworkers and operate from within de facto offices in their homes. Multistate personnel are literally spread from coast to coast and border to border within the continental United States. The geographical allocation of personnel helps minimize travel costs for the Bureau's highly productive audit function and promotes high levels of expertise in terms of area registrants and businesses.

Audit activities within the Multistate Audit Bureau mainly involve the Massachusetts Corporate Excise Tax and the Massachusetts Sales and Use Tax with occasional concentration in other taxes covered by Massachusetts General Laws. In addition, Bureau personnel around the country serve as local contacts or resources for out of state taxpayers who have questions on filing matters or for out of state taxpayers who may otherwise need to rely on these individuals for their technical expertise or general familiarity of DOR policy, procedure and/or practice. The Multistate Audit Bureau may be unique in terms of logistics, but it offers a much-needed presence for Massachusetts throughout the various parts of the United States.