Acronym Meaning Comments
CMRCode of Massachusetts RegulationsUsed in reference to regulations adopted by the Department of Revenue and other state agencies under statutory authority.
CSEChild Support EnforcementDivision of the Department of Revenue responsible for the administration of the Commonwealth's child support laws.
DUAMassachusetts Department of Unemployment AssistanceResponsible for administering the Commonwealth's employment security laws.
DIAMassachusetts Department of Industrial AccidentsResponsible for administering the Commonwealth's workers' compensation laws.
DORMassachusetts Department of RevenueResponsible for administering the Commonwealth's tax laws.
EFTElectronic Funds TransferMeans of transferring funds from one bank account to another for the purpose of electronically making payments.
Federal Identification NumberUsed as an organization's or employer's tax identification number on federal and state tax returns The Federal Identification number is sometimes also referred to as a federal employer identification number (FEIN); an employer identification number (EIN); or a business identification number.
IRCInternal Revenue CodeUsed in reference to federal tax laws.
IRSUnited States Internal Revenue ServiceResponsible for administering federal tax laws.
LLCLimited Liability Company
LLPLimited Liability Partnership
MGLMassachusetts General LawsUsed in reference to state statutes.
PINPersonal Identification Number
SSAUnited States Social Security AdministrationResponsible for administering the federal social security system.
SSNSocial Security numberUsed as an individual's personal tax identification number on federal and state tax returns.
TIRTechnical Information ReleaseOne of the several types of periodic issuances from the Department of Revenue explaining the Commonwealth's tax laws in detail.