Supplier of Jet Fuel and User-seller of Jet Fuel Licensee List

Pursuant to G.L. c. 64J, licensees, when making a sale of jet fuel, are responsible to determine if it is a taxable sale, and if the sale is taxable, are responsible to collect and remit the tax in a timely manner. The following list will allow licensees (and others) easy access to public license information regarding suppliers and user-sellers. This information may assist licensees in determining the taxable status of sales. The list is divided into two categories: Jet Fuel Supplier and Jet Fuel User-seller.

The list of suppliers and user-sellers relates only to licensing under G.L. c. 64J and does not indicate compliance with other applicable laws or requirements.

Aircraft (Jet) Fuel Licensee List  pdf format of Aircraft (Jet) Fuel Licensee List
Revised 10/2/17