Partners in a partnership can be individuals, or other businesses and organizations such as corporations and trusts. A partnership is formed when two or more individuals or organizations decide to go into business together.

A partnership is not directly subject to income tax. Instead, each partner is taxed on the partner's share of the partnership income, whether distributed or not. If the partnership has a usual place of business in Massachusetts, or receives federal gross income of more than $100 during the taxable year it must annually report the partnership's income to the Department of Revenue on Form 3 , Partnership Return of Income. Although no tax payments are made with the Form 3, the partnership is subject to penalties for failure to file or late filing of this return.

Partnerships must also annually issue a Schedule 3K-1 to each partner, reporting each partner's distributive share of partnership income, and send to the Department of Revenue copies of all Schedules 3K-1 issued. Each partner must report the partner's distributive share of each item of partnership income reported on the Schedule 3K-1 on the partner's Massachusetts tax return.

For detailed information on Form 3 and Schedule 3K-1, see the Form 3 Instructions. For additional detail on federal filing obligations, use the Federal link below.


*Filing requirements for Partnerships
(see Important Note below)

*Form to file

Returns are due annually, by of 15th day of the fourth month after the close of the partnership's taxable year, calendar or fiscal.

Partnership must issue Schedules 3K-1 to individual partners. Copies of Schedules 3K-1 must be submitted to the Department of Revenue with Form 3.

Form 3 & Schedules 3K-1Form 1065 or 1065B & Schedules K-1

*Important Note: Electronic filing requirements are in place for this tax type. Refer to Technical Information Release (TIR) 04-30 for detailed information. Learn more about electronic payment options.

The following table shows which return each type of partner should use to report Schedule 3K-1 income:

Type of partnerForm to file
Full-year resident individualForm 1
Nonresident/part-year resident individualForm 1-NR/PY
Trust or estateForm 2
Domestic or foreign corporationForm 355
Domestic or foreign corporation (part of a MA combined group)Form 355C
Domestic or foreign S corporationForm 355S
Corporate trustForm 3F