The Massachusetts Department accepts two forms for electronic tax payment. Payments can be made either by ACH (Automated Clearing House) Debit or ACH Credit.

What is ACH-Debit?
The ACH Debit method of electronic funds transfer requires the taxpayer to provide the DOR with a bank account routing and account number. This account is where authorized payments will be withdrawn. Before the due date the taxpayer would authorize the DOR to make a withdrawal from that account in the amount of the tax payment

How Does ACH Debit work?
ACH Debit is an authorized withdrawal by the taxpayer from their bank account using the banking information provided by the taxpayer to the DOR. The taxpayer selects the date that the payment will be initiated. This is known as the settlement date. Once a transaction is initiated on the settlement date the payment information is sent to the DOR's bank that in turn sends the payment request to the taxpayer's bank. The taxpayers bank checks the bank account for sufficient funds and makes the withdrawal and then forwards the monies to the DOR's bank. From there it is deposited into the Commonwealth's account. Tax returns and/or payments can be made on our website using MassTaxConnect.

Who is Eligible for Mass-Debit?
Any business taxpayer registered with Massachusetts DOR is eligible. If you wish to register your business or register to submit payments electronically please visit our MassTaxConnect application.  

What is ACH Credit?
The ACH Credit method of electronic payment requires the taxpayer to instruct its financial institution to transfer money to the Department of Revenue. The transfer transaction must adhere to the CCD+ format, as defined in the detail record layout provided in MassTaxConnect. Taxpayers should file their returns and/or make payments using MassTaxConnect even though they have initiated a credit payment.

How Does ACH Credit Work?
The ACH Credit method requires the taxpayer to instruct its bank to debit its bank account and credit the Commonwealth's. The taxpayer specifies the dollar amount, settlement date, tax type, and tax period being paid. The taxpayer's bank originates an ACH transaction using the CCD+ format defined by DOR.

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