TITLE: 830 CMR 62B.2.1: Withholding of Taxes on Wages
SUMMARY OF REGULATION: This new regulation, promulgated December 21, 2001, sets forth the schedule for employers required to withhold and pay over taxes on behalf of their employees. The regulation does not change the employer withholding schedule. The regulation also provides for combined electronic filing of withholding, wage reporting, unemployment insurance and unemployment health insurance by eligible employers according to a separate schedule. The regulation permits pension plan administrators to report withholding on certain pension distributions annually, in conformity with federal treatment. The regulation also provides a regulation source for the treatment of seasonal filers, stating the Department's current practice; deletes obsolete language; provides new explanatory sections on pensions, annuities and fringe benefits; and clarifies interest and penalties that may be imposed.
Withholding of Taxes on Wages (old number 14.00),
Emergency Regulation 7/24/59, Promulgated 9/2/59,
Emergency Regulation 12/23/63, Promulgated 3/18/64,
Emergency Amendment 1/26/76, Amendment 4/30/76, Amendment 3/6/68, Repeal and Replace 12/21/01 see above.
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December 21, 2001