• New business owners must register their businesses with the Department of Revenue by using the WebFile for Business application.

    The links on this page will guide you through the process of registering your business to collect and pay taxes. If you have any questions about other aspects of starting a business, DOR provides a variety of resources for new business owners.

    Because the registration process requires the submission of personal, identifying information, you are required to use a Web browser that supports 128-bit encryption. Encryption helps to ensure your personal information cannot be read as it travels over the Internet. Appropriate browsers are available, free of charge, from the Microsoft and Netscape websites.

    Before you proceed, you may find it helpful to gather the information that you will need to register your business online. The following pages will walk you through each step of the registration:
  • Instructions

  • Checklist

  • Business Registration Codes

  • Register Online Now

  • Updating Registration Information for an Existing Business

    Use the "Administer My Account" function within WebFile for Business to make changes to your business's registration, add additional locations and/or register for additional tax types.