All applicants:
Owner, partnership or legal corporate name
Address and telephone number for Principal Place of Business
Federal Identification number (FID) or Social Security Number if Sole Proprietorship
Type of organization (corporation, partnership, etc.)
Type of business (retail, wholesale, etc.)
Business Activity Code Number of locations
Business location, trade name, address and telephone number
Whether or not the business is seasonal (months the business is in operation)
Twelve-month estimate of tax to be withheld, collected or paid for each applicable tax type
Date first required to withhold, collect or pay tax for each applicable tax type
Mailing address for tax forms
Whether or not the business is located within the Convention Center Financing District
Whether or not the business is located within a hotel, motel or other lodging establishment in Boston or Cambridge

If the business is a corporation, trust, association, fiduciary or partnership:
If subsidiary corporation, name and Federal Identification number (FID) of parent corporation
Name, title and SSN of all Executive Officers or General Partners

If the business is a sole proprietorship:
Name and SSN of the owner

If you have purchased an existing business:
Name, address and FID of previous owner

If there has been an organizational change:
FID and close date of previous organization

If the business is an Exempt Organization:
Copy of IRS Letter of Exemption
Copy of group Exemption Letter, if applicable

Depending upon the specific tax type(s) for which you are registering, you will also need the following:

Withholding Tax:
Number of employees in Massachusetts

Meals Tax on Food and All Beverages:
Items establishment serves (food, beer, wine, alcoholic beverages)
If business location is a vending machine
Name and location of liquor license, if applicable
Seating capacity

Room Occupancy Excise:
Locality Code

Number of rooms

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