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January 1, 2017

June 28, 2017

Annually the Corporations Subject to Taxation in Massachusetts listing is published on the DLS' Internet website. We publish this list solely on the Internet. On our website we have a Corporation Book On-line Search program to facilitate keyword and community based searches, we have a link to the Secretary of State's Corporation Database to enable a user to search for additional information not found in the Corporation Book, and we have Downloadable Data Files of the entire database so users may obtain complete copies of the published listing.

Please be advised that during peak hours of operation, users may experience delays and/or problems when using our Corporation Book On-line Search program. If you experience problems, you may search for corporations using the Downloadable Data Files. To find a corporation, depress the Control and F keys simultaneously and a Find pop-up box will appear, enabling the user to enter the (preferably unique) word or words in a corporation's name to locate it. We are working on improving program performance and will advise users here when those improvements are complete. 

Questions can be addressed to - Corpbook@dor.state.ma.us


Notice to Assessors from Senior Deputy Commissioner Cronin pdf format of Corporation Book Release Notice to Assessors
2017 Corporations Book


Corporation Book On-line Search

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