Corporations and other organizations often need proof that they are in good standing with the Commonwealth, i.e., that all tax liabilities have been met in order to obtain financing, sell their business, renew liquor licenses or enter into other business transactions.

Individuals may need proof that they are in good standing with the Commonwealth, i.e., that all their income tax returns and liabilities have been met, in order to obtain financing, renew a professional license or obtain employment. Individuals that have had a hold placed on their professional license can use this site if they have filed and paid all their income tax returns.

The fastest and easiest way to obtain a Certificate is online through MassTaxConnect. Through MassTaxConnect, both taxpayers and authorized practitioners can obtain a Certificate within a couple days. Before beginning this process, make sure that you have the entity's id number and a list of tax types filed with DOR readily available.

Once the applicant has been authenticated, a search will be made of our databases to identify any returns that need to be filed or bills that remain unpaid. You'll be asked to check back for the results, and at that time, fully compliant taxpayers will be able to print a Certificate or request that it be mailed to the address of record (or both). If bills are identified, an opportunity will be given to pay the amount owed via Electronic Funds Withdrawal or credit card. A Certificate will then be issued. Taxpayers can file and pay most nonfiled tax returns within the application and obtain their Certificate. Taxpayers with nonfiled corporate or individual income tax returns will be given instructions on how to file and obtain a Certificate.

Please note:
Processing of Paper applications pdf format of certgoodstanding.pdf
can take 4 to 6 weeks. We strongly recommend filing your request online if that option is available to you.