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The Underground Storage tank Program oversees the operations of two programs:

The Petroleum Product Cleanup Fund was established in 1991 pursuant to MGL c21J and serves the primary purpose of providing owners and operators of underground storage tank dispensing facilities for costs they incur in remediating environmental releases. The program is solely for individuals owning a facility which dispenses gasoline or diesel fuel to motor vehicles or boats. These individuals must first conduct a response action at their own expense and then seek reimbursement from the fund. The program operates similar to a trust fund and receives its revenue from owners and operators of dispensing facilities through tank and delivery load fees.

Cities and Towns Municipal Grants Program
The Cities and Towns Municipal Grants Program was also established in 1991 pursuant MGL c21J and MGL c148 s37A. The purpose is to provide up to 50 percent reimbursement to local jurisdictions for costs they incur when removing and/or replacing underground storage tanks. Cities and towns must first remove and/or replace a tank at their own expense, then file a grant application with the UST Program for reimbursement. When funding is available, grants are typically awarded each year at the end of June. To date, the UST Program has awarded nearly $10 million in grants to local cities and towns.  Currently, this grant program is not funded.