Claim Submission Guidance Document

Task Code 26.1.3
DEP Requested Meetings
UST Board Approval Date - 12/18/03

This Task Code shall be utilized when there is a meeting at the direction and request of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), which takes place at a Site, the DEP offices or other location.

Charges associated with this Task Code shall be accompanied by a DEP sign-in sheet or other memorandum (such as a Notice of Audit Findings) or correspondence, by DEP or consultant, indicating the date and time the meeting took place and the content of the meeting.

If audit results in Notice of Non-Compliance, the Notice shall be provided at the time of Claim submission and approvals will be granted on a case by case basis. If additional work was required above and beyond the normal MCP/DEP scope as a result of the non-compliance, then these charges are not eligible for reimbursement.