Claim Submission Guidance Document

Task Code 6.1
Excavated Soils Monitoring
UST Board Approval Date - 12/18/03

Task Code 6.1 may be utilized for charges associated with the person doing the oversight on the day(s) of soil excavation, as well as day(s) related to oversight of contaminated soil load out. The Task Code may include prep time before the event, breakdown time after the event. It may also include time allocated to employees performing duties in the office which are related to the event. [1]

When claiming personnel costs related to a field activity whereby the personnel is not performing duties in the field, employee timesheets [2] describing work performed shall be provided with the Reimbursement Application.

1) Employee office time shall be submitted with phone logs or other supporting documentation which delineates/explains the duties performed.
2) Phone logs, office notes or other supporting documentation may be supplied in lieu of timesheets.