MGL c21J Policy for Drilling and Oversight And Coordination Time Related to a Field Event

September 10, 2002

Task 4.1 Pre-Drilling Activities All services claimed must have a Date of Service prior to the event. Can include administrative time if required to generate work orders, etc.
Task 4.2 Site Visit Site visit must be the day of or after the event.
Task 4.3 Digsafe

Services generally before the event. Site visit associated with markings must be prior to event. Occasionally, charges may occur on the day of the event.

Task 8.2.1, 9.2.1, 19.2.1. Drilling oversight Includes the person doing the oversight charges on the day of the event, prep time before the event, breakdown time after the event. It may also include time allocated to employees performing duties in the office which are related to the event on the day(s) of the event.*

* Employee office time shall be submitted with phone logs or other supporting documentation which delineates the duties performed.

When Claiming personnel costs related to a field activity whereby the personnel is not performing duties in the field, employee timesheets describing work performed shall be provided with the Reimbursement Application.