Claim Submission Guidance Document

UST Board Approval Date - 2/26/04

Task Code 9.5
Geoprobe or Equivalent Device

When utilizing this code for direct-push drilling services (i.e. monitoring well, soil, groundwater, soil gas, sampling air sparge points), all drilling labor and equipment for the installation is included in this task code. All materials associated with the utilization of a Geoprobe should be coded under Task Code 9.5.4.

Geoprobe oversight charges should be coded to the applicable daily oversight charge (Task Codes 8.2.1, 9.2.1 or 19.2.1).

When the consulting firm utilizes their own geoprobe drilling equipment, personnel labor time must be distinguished as either geoprobe operator or oversight time.

Field notes/sample logs/well logs must be provided to support all geoprobe charges.

Mobilization/Demobilization for this Task Code may be claimed under Task Code 8.1 or 9.1.