Claim Submission Guidance Document

UST Board Approval Date - 2/26/04

Task Codes 1.1 through 1.14
Labor Categories

The labor rates presented in Task Codes 1.1 through 1.14 apply to tasks that are not specifically defined in the Fee Schedule. An example of such tasks would be those associated with Emergency Response Actions.

The labor rates also serve as guidelines for determining reasonableness and cost-effectiveness of labor rates being charged as part of Task Codes 2 through 29 of the Fee Schedule, as well as labor rates charged by subcontractors under the Bid Task Code.
The Claimant must provide adequate documentation to support reimbursable charges, including time sheets, field records, etc. for all activities, in addition to the normal reimbursement claim documentation (proof of payment, Notice of Responsibility, etc.).

Costs directly related to the response action(s) incurred by a qualified employee of the Owner or Operator will be reimbursed at not more than the hourly rates listed in Task 1 for the labor category applicable to the level of effort provided by the employee. However, the hourly rate to be reimbursed for the employee of the Owner or Operator shall be calculated as the product of 1.33 times the employee's hourly rate. Detailed time sheets verifying the work completed and employee pay records must accompany all claims for reimbursement for an employee of the Owner or Operator.

Labor categories claimed for specific tasks in the Fee Schedule should reasonably reflect the technical and experiential requirements for the task at hand. For example, the majority of field tasks such as groundwater sampling are typically conducted by technicians and scientists. The more senior task codes are typically involved with coordination, data review and reporting of such field work. Work performed by an LSP or PE involved with conducting a field activity, may be reimbursed within the Task maximum applicable to Task codes 2 through 29 of the Fee Schedule, provided there is no duplication of services provided.