Claim Submission Guidance Document

UST Board Approval Date - 2/26/04
Task Code 4.1
Pre-drilling Activities

Task 4.1 is to be allowed for scheduling of field activities for drilling with personnel conducting field work and any other support, operations, (e.g. driller, and site owner/operator). This will include phone calls and can include administrative time if required to generate work orders, etc. All services claimed must have a date of service prior to the event.

Preparation time for the actual oversight event (e.g. ordering of sampling bottles, gathering up supplies, loading the trucks, etc.,) should be claimed under the 9.2, 8.2, and/or 19.2 task codes.

When claiming personnel costs related to a field activity whereby the personnel is not performing duties in the field, employee timesheets describing work performed shall be provided with the Reimbursement Application.