Claim Submission Guidance Document

Task Code 2.28
Public Involvement
UST Board Approval Date - 12/18/03

When seeking reimbursement for Public Involvement pursuant to Task Code 2.28, one of the following shall be provided with respect to costs incurred associated with the Public Notice:

A copy of the document(s) (e.g. letters) used to provide notification or information
A copy of the legal notice(s) with receipt(s) (Including Release Tracking Number, Job # etc.,)
If the copy of the legal notice and receipt is included in a report, then the Claimant shall, specify separately as part of the Appendix 4 which report and page number the information will be found.

When claiming personnel costs [1] related to public involvement whereby the personnel is not performing duties associated with a written document, employee timesheets [2] describing work performed shall be provided with the Reimbursement Application.

[1] Employee office time shall be submitted with phone logs or other supporting documentation which delineates/explains the duties performed.
Phone logs, office notes or other supporting documentation may be supplied in lieu of timesheets.

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