Claim Submission Guidance Document

UST Board Approval Date - 2/26/04

Task Codes 14
Soil Vapor Extraction/Air Sparging Testing

When seeking reimbursement for permitting and coordination costs related to the testing event, if delays occur between coordination efforts and the actual event execution, the claimant shall specify the reasons for the delays and shall provide the revised schedule for performance of the event.

Tasks in Section 14 of the Fee Schedule are for completion of pilot tests to determine the feasibility of these technologies for full-scale implementation at a disposal site. All labor to plan, coordinate and conduct the test, including travel time, data reduction and report preparation is included in the individual task maximums. The task maximum is to complete up to 12 hours of on-site testing. All equipment and miscellaneous materials involved in completing the pilot testing (trucks, blowers, pumps, treatment devices, carbon, etc.) should be claimed in accordance with Task Codes in Section 28 of the Fee Schedule. Monitoring devices such as PID's, LEL meters, multi-meters, etc. are to be included in the task maximum under Section 14.

Claimants must submit appropriate back-up documentation to support the type of test claimed under task code 14, including field notes and a copy of the pilot test report.