Claim Submission Guidance Document

UST Board Approval Date - 2/26/04

Task Code 18.3.1, 18.3.2, 18.3.3, 18.4.1, 18.4.2, 18.4.3
Interceptor Trench and Utility Trench

This task code includes all labor and equipment costs directly related to trenching excavation activities (primarily performed by a general contractor). The per foot price includes all equipment (backhoe, bobcat, trailer, etc.), labor (equipment operator, foreman, helper, etc.) and miscellaneous materials used to excavate the trench. Actual piping/conduit purchase and installation costs shall be coded to the 18.5 codes. Oversight and supervision of the trenching (consultant) shall be coded to 18.1 or 18.2.

Field notes/daily work tickets must be provided by the consultant and contractor. A scaled map must be provided to support the dimensions of the trench.