1. Federal and State Information Sources
  • Federal RCRA generators list
  • Massachusetts Transition List (Locations to be Investigated, LTBIs, and Confirmed Disposal Sites)
  • Massachusetts Release Notification Listing
  • Files maintained in MADEP regional offices
  • Massachusetts leaking UST lists
  • Massachusetts registered UST lists
  1. Local Information Sources

  • Department of Health
  • Local Conservation Commission
  • Fire Department
  • Local electric utility company (for records pertaining to PCBs)
  • Sanborn Maps
  • Aerial Photographs
  • Local Municipal Offices
  1. Sources of Local Hydrogeological Information

  • USGS and/or State Geological Survey Hydrologic Atlases and Basic Data Reports
  • Bedrock Geologic Maps
  • Surficial Geologic Maps
  • Massachusetts GIS Maps