Dispensing Facility:

  1. Buildings
  2. Pump islands
  3. Overhead/underground lines and hook up locations
  4. Above/underground storage tanks with distribution lines and vent lines (if known)
  5. Manholes, drains, catch basins, dry wells, septic systems
  6. Floor drains and sumps - how constructed?
  7. Existing monitoring wells and refusal patches
  8. Stained asphalt, dead/stressed vegetation, pits, ponds, lagoons
  9. Overfill protection on tank fills
  10. Contaminated soil piles

Adjacent Properties:

  1. Land usage (residential, commercial, industrial)
  2. Surface water bodies
  3. Railroads
  4. USTs & ASTs
  5. Wells: Private wells, dry wells, irrigation wells, injection wells, abandoned wells, monitoring wells
  6. Catch basins