1. Current Date.
  2. Name and affiliation of person conducting the interview.
  3. Name and affiliation of person being interviewed.
  4. Position of person being interviewed.
  5. Years that interviewee has been in the stated position.
  6. Site history: Describe prior site usage and operations, if known.
  7. Prior ownership: Provide any information regarding historical site ownership and dates.
  8. Suspected areas of concern: Based on historical knowledge, are there any site locations which may contain OHM?
  9. Tank history: Describe current size, age and contents of any USTs/ASTs tanks and reason for tank replacements or upgrades if conducted.
  10. Have any of the tanks been relined? If so, when and why?
  11. Have there any been any incidents of tank overfills or other petroleum releases?
  12. Are there any abandoned tanks on the site? (If so, where and why were they abandoned)
  13. Have there been any accidents which have occurred at the Dispensing Facility which resulted in a release of petroleum product?
  14. Is the UST System equipped with Stage I and State II vapor recovery?
  15. Are there any oil/water separators or bay drains on site? If so, when was the last time that the oil/water separator was cleaned out? How constructed?
  16. Are there any drywells on site?
  17. Describe the current and past practice for disposing of waste oil generated at the Dispensing Facility. What is the frequency that the waste oil is disposed?
  18. Describe the general operations and chemicals used at the Dispensing Facility.
  19. Are degreasing chemicals used? If so, how is the waste generated recycled or disposed? Are there any other wastes generated on site?
  20. Are there any known environmental problems at the Dispensing Facility or surrounding properties?
  21. Are there any underground or above ground site utility maps available? (If so, please provide)
  22. What is the Facility's EPA small quantity generator number?
  23. Water supply: public or private?
  24. Sanitary sewer: public or private?
  25. Some of these questions may not be applicable for sites which are not currently a Dispensing Facility.